G4S employees possess an immense amount of experience in the insurance industry and we are proud to have maintained a significant portion of our original employee base. In fact, our Executive Team averages 20 years with the organization, and our Corporate Management Team averages 15 years with the organization.

In addition, many of G4S' Executive and Management level employees joined G4S following lengthy careers working for insurance carriers and investigations companies across the United States.

Michael Malone, President

Michael J. Malone President

As President of G4S Compliance & Investigations. Mr. Malone has been in the private investigations and security business for over 30 years, specializing in Loss Prevention, Risk Management, and Information Gathering in the Governmental, Public, and Private Sectors. He places high emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and moral responsibility. Mr. Malone is a well-known philanthropist, published author and recognized leader in the marketplace.

Brent Faggart Chief Operating Officer

As COO of G4S Compliance & Investigations, Mr. Faggart is responsible for the organization's global operations, business finances and analysis, sales and operational planning. He has been with G4S since its inception and has a diversified background including insurance investigations, claims adjusting, industrial security and international operations. Mr. Faggart places strong emphasis on integrity, quality and customer service.

Russ Buchanan, EVP

Russ Buchanan Executive Vice President

Brett Douglas, SVP

Brett Douglas Senior Vice President Operations

Matthew Cantle

Matthew Cantle Managing Director United Kingdom

Kieran Milne Managing Director Australia

Carl Demarais Senior Vice President Finance

Dave Sheldon, VP

Dave Sheldon Senior Vice President Technology & BI

Amy Douglas, VP

Amy Douglas Vice President Marketing